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Housing Hub Market Data Reports

The Housing Hub is the leading platform for connecting housing seekers of accessible housing with providers of accessible housing in Australia. 

Since our inception in 2017, we have had over 350,000 people use the website. The platform has strong monthly new user growth and return visits. We are attracting almost 19,000 users to the site every month, building a strong presence and connection with thousands of housing seekers across Australia.

We average almost 15,000 searches per month and this is growing. People searching on the Housing Hub enter information about the type, location and features of a property they are searching for. 

In addition to searches, housing seekers can create a ‘housing seeker profile’ on the Housing Hub, which can include detailed information about the home they are looking for. More than 4,000 people have created housing seeker profiles.

The aggregated data from these searches and profiles, as well as our corresponding listings data, can be supplied as market data reports. These reports can be used as an indicator of existing supply and demand in any given location, and help you understand what housing seekers are searching for in that area.

You can access this valuable data in a couple of ways:

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“The Market Data Reports are adding a lot of value as a part of our research methodology underpinning our investment decisions. We’re grateful to have access to such resources, keep up the great work!”

- Lawrence Narayan, Barwon Investment Partners


One-Off Data Reports

Our Market Data Report can be used as an important input when planning your property pipeline. Our Market Data Report:

  • Includes both demand and supply indicators.
  • Are run for a Local Government Area that you identify. 
  • Include data from the Housing Hub for a 90 day period
  • Can be created for either Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) properties or non-SDA properties
  • Include information outlining what Housing Hub users are looking for in a property in the location you specify. 
  • Are valuable when determining whether demand and supply are aligned in a particular area, or if there is a gap between what people are searching for and what is currently available

Demand indicators 

The data points included are:

  • Number of searches during the 90 day period
  • Top 5 suburbs searched
  • SDA Design Categories searched for
  • Occupancy information searched for
  • Number of bedrooms searched for
  • Number of bathrooms searched for
  • Carpark informations searched for
  • Support requirements searched for
  • Rent or Buy searches
  • Lease term searches

Supply indicators

The data points included are as follows:

  • Number of properties listed in the chosen Local Government Area (SA3)
  • Top 5 suburbs by listings
  • SDA Design Category of listings
  • Occupancy of listings
  • Number of bedrooms listed
  • Number of bathrooms listed
  • Carpark information listed
  • Support information provided on listings
  • Listings for Rent or Buy 
  • Pipeline and Enrolled SDA dwellings information from of our most recent SDA Supply in Australia report

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Premium Market Data Subscription Service

The Housing Hub research team will develop a data report in spreadsheet format that will be emailed to subscribers on a quarterly basis in early January, April, July and October each year. Each report will include the three preceding months of data for both demand and supply indicators by SA3 and SA4 locations.

Our Premium Market Data Subscription Service includes:

  • Market data on housing preferences for any given location within Australia
  • Valuable insights to help you decide where to build based on consumer behaviour and preferences via search behaviour
  • Access to current demand data for a given location
  • Both SDA and non-SDA demand and supply data over a 90-day period
  • The latest NDIA data – giving you a convenient overview of key market data in one place

Demand indicators

The report has tabs showing the following data. Each tab has every SA3 and SA4 location listed, so data on each tab can be easily cross-referenced.

  • Number of searches on the Housing Hub for Buy vs Rent (including lease term)
  • SDA and non-SDA searches on the Housing Hub
  • SDA Design Categories searched for
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, carparks searched on the Housing Hub
  • Who people wish to live with (as searched for on the Housing Hub)
  • Support requirements searched for
  • NDIA data on participants with SDA funding (from the most recent NDIA data)
  • NDIA data on participants with SDA funding seeking new housing by SDA Design Category

Supply indicators

The report will also show the following NDIA data about the supply of SDA housing by SA3 and SA4 location:

  • Enrolled dwellings by SDA Design Category (new build, existing/legacy and in-kind)
  • Unfinished dwellings by SDA Design Category
  • Reported pipeline dwellings by SDA Design Category from our most recent SDA Supply in Australia report

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The Housing Hub will prepare the reports for internal information purposes only, based on data available at the date of the report. While reasonable attempts are made to obtain data from reliable sources, the Housing Hub does not verify its accuracy or completeness.

Our reports do not constitute advice. You should make your own enquiries and obtain your own professional advice before taking any action, or refraining from taking any action, in respect of the information in our reports.

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