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The Housing Hub’s Home and Living Services team offers a range of different services to support participants who have home and living goals.

Over the years, the Housing Hub team has supported more than 750 people to find homes with new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). The team have also worked closely with young people living in aged care, working across complex systems to find housing solutions that support the unique needs of each individual. 

The Housing Hub has a commitment to engage with housing seekers in order to understand their personal experiences as well as their ongoing needs and preferences in relation to housing.

Our values:

  • People with disability are at the centre of everything we do
  • We seek social change by leading in our sector to build sustainable and innovative products that give people with disability choice over where and how they live
  • We build confidence of the housing sector through collaboration, capacity building and tenancy solutions
  • Our work is aligned to an evidence based approach

The Home and Living Team have the following services:

  1. Home and Living Specialist Support Coordination for NDIS participants who require expert support in the exploration of home and living area.
  2. A free NDIS Housing Advice Line for housing seekers and professionals seeking advice on NDIS housing including SDA, SIL, ILO.
  3. A free service for young people living in aged care that supports the capacity building of young people living in residential aged care (RAC). Our Residential Aged Care (RAC) Services Coordination will support each individual as required.

Contact us

Contact us on 1300 61 64 63 or supportcoordination@housinghub.org.au today.

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