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How to improve your property listing 

First impressions are everything. You want potential tenants or buyers to look at your property and think ‘I’d like to live here.’ A listing with an enticing headline, a clear description and appealing photos will help your property stand out and increase your chances of a successful match on the Housing Hub There are also other important details that will boost your property’s matching power.   Potential tenants want to know: 

Support information 

Include as much information as possible, even if tenants will need to bring their own supports, this is valuable information that they want to know.

Property details

Housing seekers can filter results by SDA design category, so if your property meets the SDA design standards make sure that information is included in the listing. 

Property features

To give your property the best chance of standing out to a potential tenant, make sure you have as many property features selected as possible such as 'Accessible features', 'Ensuite', 'Built-in-wardrobes' etc.  The full list is available in the Property Features tab where you add or edit your listing.  

For more tips on how to improve your listing please view our Marketing Guide:

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SDA Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied some Frequently Asked Questions about Specialist Disability Accommodation, what is it, how can you get it and the eligibility criteria..

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Tenancy Matching Service

The Housing Hub team offers a tenancy matching service for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers. Using our extensive experience and networks, we can help match you with the most appropriate tenants for your development.

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Ever wondered what it is like as a person with disability navigating the NDIS? Our Lived Experience Facilitators share their experiences in these article.