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Believe better is possible

Living independently in her accessible apartment has been life changing for Shanais.

A text transcript for this video can be found here.

Learn from others who have moved into a new home

Won’t I be lonely on my own?

It can be lonely when you live alone especially when you are used to living with other people. Belinda knows what that is like and has some tips to share with you.

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Getting SDA approved in your plan

The thought of going through the steps to get Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) approved in your NDIS plan can be scary. But Rebecca says that the outcome of moving into a home that is accessible and right for you will be worth it!

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Reasonable and Necessary

The NDIS is there to fund supports that are ‘reasonable and necessary’ for you to live an ordinary life. But what is reasonable and necessary? Ryan talks about what is reasonable and necessary for him to live an ordinary life.

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