Video 4: Who pays for SDA?

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The NDIS pays for people to live in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

If the NDIS says that you’re eligible to live in SDA, SDA payments are included in your NDIS Plan.

Sometimes, people say “SDA” when they are talking about SDA payments. So, you might hear someone say, “I’ve got SDA in my NDIS Plan”.

The SDA payments from your NDIS Plan are paid straight to your SDA landlord. You may also have to pay too.

People living in SDA usually have to pay a “reasonable rent contribution”. This means you pay 25% of the disability support pension to your landlord, plus any Commonwealth rent assistance you get.

You may look at the many beautiful new SDA properties that are being built and think, “I can’t afford to live there.” But if you have SDA payments in your NDIS Plan, then you probably can!

The first thing to do is to see if you are eligible for SDA.

Some people have also built their own SDA with a loan from the bank, then use the SDA payments in their NDIS Plan to repay the home loan.

You can search for SDA near you here on the Housing Hub. Or better still, sign up an create a Housing Seeker profile and let the Housing Hub do the work for you. If a housing provider lists a property that looks like a good match for your profile, the Housing Hub will let you know!

Our Housing Hub team can also help. Click here to learn more about the Housing Hub Team, our work, who to contact and, how we can support you.

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