Chapter 11 – NDIS Housing Goal writing

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Housing Option Workshop – NDIS Housing Goal writing

This is chapter 11 of our free self-paced workshop about housing options for people with disability.

In this chapter you can learn about how to write an NDIS housing goal. Your housing goal needs to include things like where you want to move to, the number of people you want to live with and the support model you want. 

You can get help with this workshop

If you want help while you work through this workshop call us on 1300 61 64 63.

You can call from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) Sydney/Melbourne time.

When you finish the workshop you can book into a Question and Answer session if you have more questions.

Chapter 11 videos


If you want to find out what chapter 11 is about, watch this summary video (1.5 mins).

A text transcript for this video can be found here.

Full chapter video

This is the full chapter 11 video (3.5 mins).

A text transcript for this video can be found here.

Chapter 11 tasks

Do workbook activities

There are two workbook activities you need to do for this chapter

  • Activity 7 – What the right home would enable you to do
  • Activity 8 – Write your NDIS housing goal

Now go to Chapter 12 – How we can help

Chapter 12 – How we can help

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