Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 11 video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 11

Video transcript


NDIS Housing goal writing

Hello, I'm Penny from the Housing Hub team at the Summer Foundation. In this chapter, we will talk about your NDIS housing goals. Goals are the base of your NDIS plan. Everything is funded to help you meet your goals. You need a housing related goal in your NDIS plan if you want to move house and/or get SDA funding. The slide shows you some examples of housing goals. If you already have an NDIS plan, you can ask for a plan review to add a housing goal, but you don't need a full plan review to change your goals. You can also call the NDIS to make sure you have a goal in your plan that talks about moving house. When thinking about housing goals, you need to think about the words you use. It is important to use the right words that really say what you want and need.

We recommend you include goals that talk about moving out of where you currently are and where you want to move to, occupancy or the number of people you want to live with. Do you want to live on your own, with one other person, or two other people? We suggest that you get down to this detail. The support model you want, make sure you express what you need from a support model in your own words. Don't be limited by what you know already exists. Having choice about where you want to live. What is the location? This will help the NDIS to know what you're asking for if it includes this information in your housing goal. This will mean you are more likely to get the funding for what you need. Let's take a moment to look at some examples of housing goals that don't have enough detail.

The first example is, "I want to live in SDA." This is not specific enough. It means the NDIS could fund any housing type, like an apartment, villa, house, or group home. What type of property do you need? Secondly, "I want to live in a home with 24/7 support." The NDIS could fund you to live with 24/7 shared supports, which means you will automatically be funded to live with other people. This may not be what you want. If the goal is "I want to live alone, in housing where I can easily get around in my wheelchair with the support that I need when I need it.", this starts to shape what the NDIS can approve you for.

In your workbook, you will see activity seven called What Would The Right Home Enable You To Do? This will help you to think about how moving to new housing could change your everyday life. After this, you will see activity eight, which is a template for writing your NDIS housing goal. You can work through this template. It will give you a good structure and help you to include all the important information. You can use this goal in your NDIS planning meeting. Up next, Lydia will tell you about how the Housing Hub team can help you.

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