Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 11 summary video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 11 summary

Video transcript

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NDIS Housing Goal Writing

In this chapter, we will discuss how to write your NDIS housing goals. Goals are the base of your NDIS Plan. Everything is funded to help you meet your goals. You need a housing-related goal in your NDIS Plan if you want to move house and, or get SDA funding. When thinking about your housing goals, think about the language you use. Include things like moving out of where you currently live and where you want to move to, the number of people you want to live with, the support model you want, having choice about how you want to live.

You can complete Activity seven in the workbook called, "What would the right home enable you to do?" This gets you to think about what the right home would mean for you. After you finish the activity, you can move on to Activity eight in the workbook, which is a template for writing your NDIS housing goal. You can work through this template. It will give you a good structure and help you to include all the important information. This will be useful for your next NDIS planning meeting.

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