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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a house, apartment or other type of home that has been designed for people who need a lot of support.

SDA includes special features that help people live as independently as possible.

Depending on who it is designed for, an SDA property might have wide doorways, a hoist in the bedroom or bathroom, strong walls and windows that won’t get damaged easily or special technology.

Some SDA properties have around-the-clock ‘concierge’ support. This means that someone is available to help if you need support quickly – like if the battery in your wheelchair stops working or you need some other type of support.

If you have really high support needs or your disability makes it hard to live in housing that most people live in, then SDA might be right for you.

You can search for SDA near you here on the Housing Hub. Or better still, sign up an create a Housing Seeker profile and let the Housing Hub do the work for you. If a housing provider lists a property that looks like a good match for your profile, the Housing Hub will let you know!

Our Housing Hub team can also help. Click here to learn more about the Housing Hub Team, our work, who to contact and, how we can support you.

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