What is SDA? – video transcript


What is SDA? – video transcript

Specialist Disability Accommodation – or S D A – is a house or apartment or other type of home that is specially designed for people who need a lot of support, or whose disability has a big effect on what they can do and how they do things.

SDA includes special features that assist people to live as independently as possible.

Depending on who it’s designed for, an SDA property might have wide doorways, a hoist in the bedroom or bathroom, strong walls and windows that won’t get broken easily, or special technology.

“Alexa, open all blinds.”

Some SDA properties have around-the-clock “concierge” support – meaning if the battery in your wheelchair dies or you need some other type of support in a hurry, someone is close by to assist.

“Hi Ben, how can I help?”

If you have really high support needs, or if your disability makes it hard to live in the sorts of housing that most people live in, then Specialist Disability Accommodation might suit you.

For more info email: info@housinghub.org.au

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