Report: Exploring the role of community housing providers in accessible housing

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Around 40% of households in social housing are home to one or more people with disability, so the community housing providers (CHPs) who manage social and affordable housing play a key role in providing housing to people with disability. While CHPs are participating in the SDA market, only 11.3% of new SDA is being developed by CHPs.

Until now, research exploring the role of CHPs in providing accessible housing to people with disability has been lacking, and there has been a lack of understanding as to why CHPs appear to be relatively absent in the SDA market.

So in January and February 2022, the Summer Foundation and the Housing Hub surveyed CHPs, asking providers to provide information on a range of issues. The findings from the survey are published in a new report called CHPs and Disability Housing: An Exploration of SDA. View the report below. 

View the report here

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