Who makes up a support team?

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Your support team can be made up of different people. Family and friends are important for some people, but there are other people who can help you too.

People with disability

Getting advice from other people with disability is really helpful when deciding to move. Other people have experiences that can show you it is possible to move. Their stories can help you get through the hard parts of moving and give you hope. You can join or form groups with people, online or in person. Sharing your story might help other people too. Being part of a group can also help you to speak out and advocate on important issues together.

People with knowledge about housing and support options

There are people who can help you find housing and support options that suit you. These people are usually your support coordinator and therapists. They can help you navigate finding a new place and moving.

When they take the time to get to know you, they better understand you and your disability. They should ask questions about what is important to you, where you want to live, who you want to live with and what you want to do when you are in your new home. Your support coordinator can:

  • Organise visits to see a new place or area
  • Look for different places you can live
  • Set up a new support worker team
  • Meet new providers

Your therapists can:

  • Help you find new opportunities where you live (e.g. work or community groups)
  • Make sure you have the right equipment for your new place
  • Write NDIS reports

People who advocate for your rights

You should be told what your rights are so you can make better choices. Having someone in your team who helps you stand up for your rights is important. This person might be someone who already supports you, or you can get a formal advocate.


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