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Your support team are there for you. They should help you when you need them. Remember, if you are not happy with a support provider, you can change them. Here are some tips from people about how they worked out who was right for them and what was most important when choosing support.

People who know you

People who know you will:

  • Will do whatever training is needed so they know how to support you best
  • Realise everyone has a different way of communicating
  • Share information in a way that works for you
  • Focus on you as a person and listen to you
  • May share some similar interests to you

People who respect you

People who respect you will:

  • Are honest and realistic about what options are available to you
  • See that you are your own person with your own preferences
  • Use language that encourages you

People who empower you to make decisions

People who empower you to make decisions will:

  • Give you a chance to take some risks and support you to do so safely
  • Focus on how you can do things that you want to do
  • Talk to you about any fears you might have
  • Figure out problems with you

People you trust

You may have a close friend or family member that you trust. Or maybe you have a good relationship with a support worker. It can be anyone. But having someone you can talk to about how you are feeling is important. Moving is a tough thing to do. These people will help you to feel alive.


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