Where can I get help finding housing?

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Where can I get help?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS aims to provide reasonable and necessary support for people with significant and permanent disability. This may include paying for housing, changes to make your own home more accessible and/or supports to live independently in the community.

Who can get help from the NDIS?

If you are someone with a disability living in Australia and would like to know if you can get help from the NDIS, please visit “Accessing the NDIS” on the NDIS website. There you will find a list of what is needed to get started.

How to apply for the NDIS

Please visit “How to apply” on the NDIS website. If you are not getting disability supports at the moment, and would like to get help from the NDIS you will need to fill out an ‘Access Request Form’. (Place link to ARF here)

NDIS Plans

If you would like to be assessed for Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) in your NDIS Plan, or would like to explore different housing options, you can talk to your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

If you aren’t sure who your Support Coordinator or LAC is, talk to your planner at the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Compensation Schemes

If you are injured in a motor vehicle or workplace accident please contact the relevant body in your state or territory to ask for help.

If you are eligible to receive support from the Department of Veterans Affairs, please contact DVA on 1800 555 254 or visit a Veterans' Access Network (VAN) office for assistance


If you need advocacy or advice about housing or other supports, you can find an advocate in your area by searching


You can also find resources, toolkits, and advice at http://www.dana.org.au

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Learn about housing for people with disability 

If you want to find out what your housing options are, book in for one of our free workshops.

You will learn about many types of housing and you can ask us your questions. 

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