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The tenancy matching service provides support to SDA providers and NDIS participants to connect with each other.  Finding the right tenants can lead to positive outcomes for people with disability and is critical for SDA providers seeking long term tenants. 

What we know as a tenancy matching service, after operating for 4 years, is that people with disability often are unaware that they may be eligible for SDA funding, and likewise, are often unable to get the right information on great housing opportunities.  As such, we have various activities to ensure we can find SDA eligible participants and then support them to apply.

The activity undertaken as part of the TMS is shown below. A typical project (for 6 or more vacancies) takes at least six months with four key stages of commencing, engaging, reporting and handover:

*Timeframes are averages and are dependent on the schedule set and agreed by SDA provider and TMS team

STAGE 1 | Commencement | 2 months 

  • Establish project plan 
  • Commencement meeting
  • Resource planning
  • Establishment of criteria (provide feedback to provider on their selection criteria, requirements and application form)
  • Provide coaching session to provider to create ads on the Housing Hub
  • Provide guidance on promotional products and language

STAGE 2 | Engagement and screening | 3 months

  • Develop targeted community engagement strategy 
  • Deliver community engagement strategy schedule of events and activities
  • Manage targeted social media and external media campaigns
  • Community information sessions
  • Screening enquiries and applications management 
  • Respond to potential applicant enquiries via phone or email
  • Conduct screening calls to determine potential eligibility for vacancy
  • Guidance to applicant on completing the application form
  • Face-to-face assistance to applicants to complete application form if required (by exception)

STAGE 3 | Report preparation and mentoring for SDA action plans | 3 months

  • Review applications for information gaps and request additional information where required (participant SDA Action Plans)
  • Meet applicants for further information if necessary
  • Produce a ranked list of applicants based on TMS team’s assessment of each applicant against eligibility and criteria set by the SDA provider
  • Prepare summary reports for each applicant for the SDA provider with an assessment of the applicant’s likelihood of getting SDA at the required design type, building type and location
  • Workshop for provider “ethical considerations for decision-making” on potential applicants
  • Facilitate and host tenant selection panel session with SDA provider

STAGE 4 | Handover | 2 months

Prepare a plan showing steps and timing so that applicants can choose their housemates including:

  • Applicant compatibility co-tenancy questionnaires 
  • Compatibility and co-tenant matching interviews and meetings 
  • Suitable co-tenant matches identified


If you would like a proposal from TMS for your new SDA properties, please contact us using the below enquiry form and we will be in touch. 

Some general information about our pricing:

  • Our TMS service fee starts at $12,000 + GST per tenant for a project identifying 6 - 10 tenants
  • This amount can vary if your location is outside of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide 
  • This amount can also vary if the vacancy is part of shared living SDA and we facilitate the process of proposed tenants selecting each other
  • Non-standard TMS service requests or expert consultation can be quoted on an individual basis
  • Our proposal will include our terms of business

Our values

All of our work is undertaken with our team’s principles front of mind:

  1. People with disability are at the centre of everything we do
  2. We seek social change by leading in our sector to build sustainable and innovative products that give people with disability choice over where and how they live
  3. We build confidence of the housing sector through collaboration, capacity building and tenancy solutions
  4. Our work is aligned to Summer Foundation’s evidence based approach

Interested or want to find out more?

Please complete our TMS Enquiry form and provide us with some information so that we can come back to you with a proposal. 

Or contact Alison Burgess via phone on 0455 119 100 or email alison.burgess@summerfoundation.org.au.

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