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Everyone has the right to decide where they live, who they live with, and how they live.

We know that complex processes and the current lack of housing options for people with disability can make things difficult, and that navigating the housing market can be daunting.

The Support Portal makes everything about your clients’ housing search easier. Through the portal, you can create a housing seeker profile for each of the participants you support.

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Refine your client’s housing search with a housing seeker profile

You can support your clients to express what they want in their living situation by working with them through guided questions about their housing needs and preferences.

The Housing Hub will then show housing options that are a good match for your client’s housing seeker profile. You can choose to get email notifications when new homes are listed that match their profile.

You can also download a copy of your client’s answers and use this for any offline housing search they are doing.

The Housing Hub lists homes across all states and territories that cater to a range of disability requirements and long, medium, and short-term accommodation.

Using the Supporter Portal to streamline your clients’ search for housing means that you have more time to help your participants reach their goals.

Influencing the accessible housing market

Understand and shape what is happening in your community. By working with your clients to document their housing needs and preferences in housing seeker profiles, you are helping governments, housing providers and vendors and SDA providers to understand what and where to build new housing.

The Housing Hub publishes summarised information about the housing needs and preferences of housing seekers in its 6-monthly Housing Seekers Snapshot.

Find the data snapshot here.


It’s essential that people with disability understand their options and think about their ideal situation first - not just look at what’s available. We have a range of resources to help explain the options that are possible. We want to create a new housing landscape. You can find them here on the Housing Hub.

How else can we help

  • Questions about Specialist Disability Accommodation? Call our SDA Advice Line on 1300 61 64 63

Attend a free event 

To find out about the range of housing options that are available to the people you support, register to attend one of our free events.  

We will share information on many types of housing and you will have the chance to ask us your questions.

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