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The NDIS is there to fund supports that are ‘reasonable and necessary’ for you to live an ordinary life.

But what is reasonable and necessary?

For me, the supports that allow me to live an ordinary life include my SDA home, carers and support staff that act as an extension of my own body.

Reasonable and necessary supports shouldn’t create setbacks for the individual. They shouldn’t include tasks that the person is capable of without support. For me, my funded support shouldn’t include getting my own mail from the letter box, making phone calls for me, writing notes or getting a glass of water, because I can do those things without support. If the NDIS funded support for things you can do on your own, it would make you more dependent rather than the independent person you need to be.

Supports that are tailored to your needs will help you reach your full potential and give you the best quality of life possible. If you have very high support needs or an extreme functional impairment, SDA will help you become a more healthy, physically and mentally stable human being.

To get the right supports funded in your NDIS Plan, you need to make sure that the evidence given to the NDIS (whether from family, friends or allied health professionals) should clearly prove that it’s absolutely essential for such measures to be put in place and especially focus on you becoming the person you were destined to be without struggle or obstacles. For some people, SDA will be necessary to finally experience the life those who are not faced with disability get to live everyday. This could also apply to other financial, physical, environmental or community based supports. What you give the NDIS should hone in on what individual supports you need. Having customised supports that are tailored to you will justify the attention to detail required.

With the NDIS coming on board, more and more people with disability are living a far more valuable existence. I know myself the challenges you will face when your home doesn’t suit you, and by having the right tools and assistance your life can really change. It’s more than just a house or place you live; it’s about creating a beautiful home and living environment that you want to share rather than hide away. I’ve found myself in situations where having to move can be nothing short of a nightmare and finding the right dwelling is next to impossible. But having something built or designed specifically for you and your needs is what every participant dreams of. Not having to worry about your lease expiring or owner saying you need to vacate due to selling or new tenants is a massive load off anyone’s shoulders, let alone someone with a disability trying to get by. This is the future of homes for people with disability because it will change the fundamental structure of the future for generations to come.

You can read more about reasonable and necessary supports on the NDIS website. If you think that SDA may be reasonable and necessary for you, talk to our Housing Hub team to find out how to make that dream your reality. Email or call us on 1300 61 64 63 between 10am and 3pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.

About the Author

Ryan started work for the Summer Foundation’s Housing Hub as a Lived Experience Facilitator in February 2021. He was brought on board to share his housing and SDA story, which is still ongoing.

Ryan studied a Bachelor of Psychology Science at the University of Southern Queensland. Ryan is an advocate to those without a voice, pursues the best possible outcome and is determined to see the housing situation change for the better. Ryan considers himself a happy-go-lucky person who is always looking at the good side and uses his abilities to their full potential.

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