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The NDIS is all about you having choice and control. Under the NDIS, where you live and who supports you are separate.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to a type of housing. The SDA payments in your NDIS Plan pay for your SDA.

The Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Individual Living Options (ILO) funding in your NDIS Plan pays for the people that support you.

If you like where you live but are not happy with the way you’re being supported, you should be able to change who supports you.

If where you live doesn’t meet your needs or makes you unhappy, you should be able to change where you live without needing to change who supports you.

Some SDA properties have overnight or 24-hour on-site support that is shared across residents. Usually, each resident pays for part of the cost of this support from their support funding.

The rest of your support funding is used by you to pay for the planned support that you need.

In some SDA properties, the residents choose the on-site support provider together. In other SDA properties, the SDA landlord chooses who provides the on-site support.

In all SDA properties, you have the right to choose who provides your planned support.

You can search for SDA near you here on the Housing Hub. Or better still, sign up an create a Housing Seeker profile and let the Housing Hub do the work for you. If a housing provider lists a property that looks like a good match for your profile, the Housing Hub will let you know!

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