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Group housing models are still the most common type of housing for people with disability and what many people know, but they are not focused on the person and from my experience are not always as flexible with support times to meet people’s needs. There is often no room for personal staff preferences.

It may seem ‘easier’ for you to go into a group home, but is it really what you want?

Would you prefer to choose where and who you live with – or if you want to live alone?

Liz on a bridge

Impossible vs possible

In my living room I have a wall hanging that states ‘Strength of purpose achieves the impossibility’. I find myself looking at the print reflecting on where I was and what I have accomplished. I now feel a sense of pride and achievement with what has changed for me in the almost 2 years since moving into my apartment.

I came from a group home in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne where I lived for 6 years in a stressful, unhappy and inflexible living arrangement. Since my move I have regained my choice and control of my rostered support staff and I have the lifestyle I desire.

I now come and go to a range of different events due to the ease of public transport and the location of my apartment. I love going back to the western suburbs to listen to live music events and to see my family. I can now do this as often as I please due to my location and ability to facilitate my own supports.

Visitors now come over to a warm, happy and homely environment that can finally reflect who I am. I have possessions in my apartment that were never able to come to my previous accommodation. With my family moving on to their next adventures and life commitments, I feel safe and content in my apartment and now find myself looking forward to reaching study, travel and yet-to-be-identified goals of my own.

This all seemed impossible to me and was a distant dream, but with the introduction of the NDIS, committed SDA providers and investors, my dream is now my reality and I can now work on other aspects of my life.

With belief and commitment, I know you can have the right home for you too and live the way you choose.

About the Author

Liz has worked as a Lived Experience Facilitator in the Summer Foundation's Housing Hub Team since June 2020. Liz brings personal experience of having lived in various types of housing and now lives in an SDA apartment.

Liz has also been on the Committee of Management for the Association of Children with a Disability since 2013 and currently serves as its Secretary. With qualification in Social Work Liz is also currently undertaking study in Cert IV Training and Assessment

Liz is passionate about people with disability taking control of their own housing journeys and being supported to explore housing and support options that suit them.

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