Chapter 9 – Supported Independent Living

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Housing Options Workshop – Supported independent living (SIL)

This is chapter 9 of our free self-paced workshop about housing options for people with disability.

In this chapter you can learn about supported independent living (SIL). SIL is one way to pay for the people who support you. SIL can be delivered in a range of NDIS housing models. You have the most control when your housing and support are provided by separate organisations. 

You can get help with this workshop

If you want help while you work through this workshop call us on 1300 61 64 63.

You can call from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) Sydney/Melbourne time.

When you finish the workshop you can book into a Question and Answer session if you have more questions.  

Chapter 9 videos


If you want to find out what chapter 9 is about, watch this summary video (2 mins).

Full chapter video

This is the full chapter 9 video (8 mins).

Chapter 9 tasks

Watch personal stories

Belinda talks about when she was using the same provider for SDA and SIL (8 mins).

Jono talks about his experience with SIL (6 mins)

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Chapter 10 – Individual Living Options (ILO)

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Personal Stories

A digital story by Ben Parkinson

"My apartment has given me a space I can call my own. I don’t see myself as someone without choices anymore."

View A digital story by Ben Parkinson

Lisa is moving out of aged care

After living in a nursing home for about 6 years Lisa shares how it feels to be preparing to move into an SDA apartment.

View Lisa is moving out of aged care

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