Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 9 summary video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 9 summary

Video transcript

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SIL Supported Independent Living

There are many ways you can get the support you need. One of those ways is Supported Independent Living or SIL for short. SIL is assistance from paid support workers at home for people who need very high levels of person-to-person support and access to person-to-person support all the time.

When people talk about SIL, they usually mean some or all of the support will be shared with at least one other person and often more. A common arrangement is two to four people living together in the same home with support workers that are always available. It's important to remember that SIL can be delivered in a range of housing models and that housing and support is best when it is provided by separate organisations.

SIL is approved by the NDIS, the same as SDA is. The participant then chooses a SIL provider who puts together a quote and fills in a form or tool that goes to the NDIS. This tool describes what your support workers will be assisting you with and what days and time you require support. You have the right to see the SIL tool and roster of care before the NDIS approves it. The new guideline from the NDIS says that you have to see it and approve it before the NDIS do.

You can live in an SDA property and have SIL supports in that property. Your SIL provider and SDA provider should be separate. You have the right to choice and control and your NDIS supports should not be limited by your choice of specialist, disability, accommodation, property, or provider.

You can watch Belinda's story about the support arrangements in place at her SDA property, and Jono's story about his experience with Supported Independent Living.

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