Supporter role

We know that Supporters play a vital role in the housing search journey for people with disability. Many Supporters will work on behalf of people with disability to find a great housing match.

In recognition of this important role you play, we have created your own Supporter Portal. You can use this portal to:

  • Create individual housing seeker profiles on behalf of the people you support
  • Set notifications to come to you when a property that matches a profile is added to the site
  • Search for properties on behalf of the people you support to make enquires with Housing Providers
  • See all of the people you support in one place

So that you can find the people you support a home that is just right and save time and effort in the process!

Thanks for the support you provide to housing seekers and for using the Housing Hub.

If you have any feedback you'd like to provide us on your experience using the website, please reach out to us at

You can call us on 1300 61 64 63 or email if you need some help using the Housing Hub. We also have resources for Supporters to help you in your role that you can access here.