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Here at the Housing Hub, we understand that finding the right house can be hard and take a long time. We want to create a community where housing seekers and housing providers work together to create a market where people enjoy choice and control.

Under the NDIS, you get to decide who provides your supports and who comes and goes in your home. If that's not happening at the moment, you have the right to look for a better option. Our listings have shown significant growth since the Housing Hub was started, with new options that cater to all support needs becoming available all the time.

Create Seeker profile

The Housing Hub has listings that suit a wide range of people, including Supported Independent Living, SDA at all levels, Medium and Short term accommodation options and mainstream rentals. A great way to join the community and stay informed is to create a housing seeker profile.  

This is a simple process which involves you telling us what you are looking for and what is important to you. This allows the Housing Hub to customise its search and alert you to properties that might suit you.

Your profile tells us:

  • where you want to live
  • who you want to live with
  • what design features you need

We understand that peoples preferences change - you can adjust your profile at any time. When you receive a notification of a potential match, you can choose to investigate this further. 

Your profile is a way to show housing providers that you exist - it puts you and your housing preferences on the map, even if you are only in the very early stages of your housing journey. 

Set up your profile today!

We have also put together a short video guide to show you how quick and easy it is to set up your own Housing Hub profile.You can also download the guide as a PDF here.

If you would like some help you can speak to a member of our team by calling 1300 61 64 63.

How your information may be used

When you tell us things about you, it’s important that you know how we may use that information. We want you to trust us. All information you give us will be kept as it says in our Privacy Policy.

Giving us information on this page is up to you. You can still use this website without giving us information. Any information you give will be used to help you find a new property and to get to know the type of housing you need.

If we know what types of housing people with disability want, we can let housing providers know where people with disability want to live, who they want to live with and what they want and need from their housing needs.

This means that people with disability can drive the change!

We may put some of the information you give us together with information that other people give us, to see how it compares. For example, we might create a map or a graph that shows how many people would like to live in a suburb or region. The way we do this would make sure that no-one knows anything private about you, or can tell who the information came from.

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