New Housing Options for People with Significant Disability (2015)

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The Summer Foundation developed a small number of innovative housing and support projects in Abbotsford, Victoria and the Hunter region of NSW to demonstrate a new and more inclusive housing option for people with significant disability. The Summer Foundation is committed to widely disseminating this knowledge to encourage other organisations to replicate the model. This will increase the range of housing options available for these young Australians and prevent admission into residential aged care facilities.

The report documents the evolving insights about how to design housing to support people with significant disabilities to live in their own apartment with as much independence as possible. Well-located, well-designed accessible and adaptable housing coupled with smart home technology and appropriate support can increase quality of life and independence and has the potential to reduce life-time care costs.

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The Colonial Foundation provided funding to the Summer Foundation for the creation of the report.

Housing Hub is an initiative of the Summer Foundation.

Personal Stories

Building SDA

Property Developer, Keith Fagg talks about his motivation for building Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

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Trevor chooses how he wants to live

Linda, Trevor's Mum, shares how Trevor's life has changed since he chose to live in an SDA apartment.

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