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At times, despite vacancies being listed on multiple platforms, there can be a lack of enquiries and applications for the home.  This can happen because people who don’t already have the correct SDA funding don’t think they can apply but our team has set out to solve this problem.

Our team at the Housing Hub have been supporting hundreds of people to build a profile on the Housing Hub so we can identify firstly, who may be eligible for SDA and secondly, what are the housing preferences of those SDA eligible people. This information, coupled with information about your vacancy can lead to a great outcome for both NDIS participants and SDA providers.

In an individual tenancy matching service, our team works with the participant to understand their eligibility by reviewing documentation and supporting them through the process. We undertake all of the work on behalf of the SDA provider!

The steps we undertake are below:


Some general information about our pricing:

  • Our TMS service fee starts at $12,000 + GST per tenant 
  • This amount can vary if the vacancy is part of shared living SDA and we facilitate the process of proposed tenants selecting each other
  • Our proposal will include our terms of business

Our values

  1. People with disability are at the centre of everything we do
  2. We seek social change by leading in our sector to build sustainable and innovative products that give people with disability choice over where and how they live
  3. We build confidence of the housing sector through collaboration, capacity building and tenancy solutions
  4. Our work is aligned to Summer Foundation’s evidence based approach

Interested or want to find out more? 

Contact Alison via phone on 0455 119 100 or at

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