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The Housing Hub is a website that lists properties for a broad range of housing for people with disabilities and it’s fast becoming the way for people with disabilities to find suitable housing. 

By advertising your property on the Housing Hub, you can connect directly with potential tenants or buyers to find the best fit for your property. 

A good listing on the Housing Hub will attract the right potential tenants and minimise the amount of time your property is vacant. But what makes a good listing? In our monthly newsletter, the Housing Hub News for Housing Providers, we highlight what Housing Seekers look for when searching for a new home.

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Housing Provider News – March

Data Insights

The Housing Hub platform averages almost 20,000 visits and serves over 11,000 property searches each month.  This online activity provides unique insights into the housing preferences of the people who visit our site.

To support your property development decisions, you can now purchase market data on housing preferences for a location.  The reports cover SDA and non-SDA demand and supply data for specific locations over a 90 day period.  Contact us to discuss your data needs.

You can learn more about our data reports and featuring your property here on the Housing Hub or contact support@housinghub.org.au.

Stand out from the crowd!

In the last 6 months, we’ve had over 50,000 searches for properties on the Housing Hub. So how do you make sure your property stands out from the rest?

Start with an attention grabbing headline. A headline that quickly conveys the best features of the property or location will entice housing seekers to click through to discover more.

When looking for a new home, most housing seekers draw on a list of ‘must haves’ based on their needs and preferences. The description section of your listing is where you can really ‘sell’ your property. Use clear language, short sentences and bullet points to highlight its best features.

Think about the ‘wish list’ a potential tenant might check off as they view your listing. For example,

  • Beautifully presented single-level apartments
  • Shops and services at your doorstep
  • Two-way communications system
  • Assistive technology ready
  • On-site support staff
  • Fully enclosed yard 

Make sure your words are inclusive and avoid anything that might be discriminatory such as ‘female applicants only’ or ‘must be ambulant’. 

A punchy headline and clear description along with good quality photos and floorplans will boost your chances of finding the right match for your property.  Read our Marketing Guide for more helpful information about improving your listing.

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