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The tenancy matching service is also working with SDA providers who want to build for demand.  This means, the SDA provider would like to have a proposed tenant before developing the SDA home.

Our team at the Housing Hub has been working across the country to find SDA eligible participants and to encourage them to build a profile on the Housing Hub.  These profiles capture information about where the person wants to live, how many people they’d like to live with (including if that is family or the person wants to find another person to live with), when they’d like to move and what SDA design category they need.  We have invested our resources in finding SDA eligible participants so that we can approach SDA providers who will build for demand resulting in great outcomes for people with disability.

The activity undertaken as part of the TMS is shown below. 

STAGE 1 | Commencement | 1 months

  • Project commencement meeting held
  • The SDA provider provides us with detailed information about the potential properties 
  • The SDA provider provides us with marketing materials to use for the TMS engagement
  • Develop and agree tenant selection criteria for each vacancy
  • Internal meeting to brief project team members
  • Project plan developed
  • Targeted local engagement plan developed (where required only)
  • Project collateral produced (application form and consent form)

STAGE 2 | Review of applications, meetings and report writing | 3 months

  • Face-to-face (or via teleconference during COVID-19 restrictions) meetings to assess applicant likelihood of SDA funding 
  • SDA evidence reviewed and mentoring provided (our team mentors the existing team of supporters for the participant)
  • Development and provision of summary reports for the SDA provider to review 
  • Administrative oversight and coordination of documentation
  • Continued monitoring of existing and new applications   
  • Support to the SDA provider from our team to undertake decision making and making offers to tenants

STAGE 3 | Community engagement (if required)

  • This stage may be required if someone withdraws their application
  • Contact with each appropriate person on our database
  • Active community engagement commences including focus on target groups e.g. hospitals and support coordination groups (if required)
  • Enquiry response management and information handling (for waitlist applications)
  • Target key referral points
  • Video call assistance to support application submission

STAGE 4 | Handover | Between 4 - 6 months

  • Applicants told of outcome
  • Project completion meeting booked
  • Handover documentation provided

In our build for demand tenancy matching service, it is the responsibility of the SDA provider to ensure a strong relationship exists after we handover, that is, to keep in regular contact with the participant throughout the build process.  This relationship management from the SDA provider is critical to retaining tenants.


If you would like to build SDA homes for demand, we’d love to hear from you.

Some general information about our pricing:

  • Our TMS service fee starts at $12,600 + GST per tenant 
  • This amount can vary if the vacancy is part of shared living SDA and we facilitate the process of proposed tenants selecting each other
  • Our proposal will include our terms of business

Our values

  1. People with disability are at the centre of everything we do
  2. We seek social change by leading in our sector to build sustainable and innovative products that give people with disability choice over where and how they live
  3. We build confidence of the housing sector through collaboration, capacity building and tenancy solutions
  4. Our work is aligned to Summer Foundation’s evidence based approach

Interested or want to find out more? 

Contact Alison via phone on 0455 119 100 or at

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