Accessible Housing for People with Significant Disabilities (2016)

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This report highlights that there is a significant gap in the availability of accessible residential design requirements. It supports the need to consider development in Australia of an appropriate design framework to assist the housing sector in delivering suitable housing for people with significant disability. This is particularly important to support people to exercise choices for more independent living.

Details of a review of the design specifications developed and applied in the Hunter Housing Project and the Frankston Project (for the Summer Foundation and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria, respectively) are included, to assess how these conform to the Australian Standard – Design for Access and Mobility 1428.9-2009 Part 1. A varied selection (4 from a total of 10) of accessible Summer Foundation apartments and 1 (of a total of 9) TAC units have been reviewed. Common areas in these projects have not been reviewed.

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This report was developed by the Summer Foundation. Housing Hub is an initiative of the Summer Foundation.

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