A conversation about moving out of a nursing home

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A podcast conversation between people with disability

If you’re a person with disability living in a nursing home, or a group home, it can be really hard to imagine moving somewhere else – even if you don’t like where you are living and want to move.

This 3-part Podcast series is a conversation between myself (Sam) and Karen. We talk about our own lived experience of having a disability and leaving a nursing home.

Our conversation is also about feelings – the feelings that might come with moving out of a nursing home or group home. We talk about the emotions that people with disability might have when deciding to move, and how they might feel after they’ve moved while living their lives outside the nursing home. We also talk to two other people with disability, Lisa and Liz, later in the podcast. They share their experiences of leaving a nursing home too.


The topics that we cover include:

  • Acknowledging feelings of grief/loss
  • Impact of mental health
  • Fears about moving
  • Challenging others’ perspectives or concerns (about your move)
  • The hardest, and the best things about living in SDA
  • The day-to-day reality
  • Having hope

*** ​CONTENT WARNING: This podcast includes conversations about ​grief, loss, ​trauma, abuse and mental health. Listening to this may be hard or bring up some distressing feelings. If you are distressed and require support, here are some options you could try.


Grief, loss and mental health


A text transcript for this audio can be found here.

Fears about moving and challenging others' perspectives


A text transcript for this audio can be found here.

The hardest and the best things about SDA, the day-to-day reality and having hope


A text transcript for this audio can be found here.


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