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Housing Options for people with disability

Would you like to know how to support people with disability to understand their housing options?

Housing options for people with disability have changed dramatically over the past few years. There continues to be the options we have seen for some time, including group homes, public housing, community housing and private housing.

There are now new options available under the NDIS such as:

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA),
  • Individualised Living Options (ILO),
  • Home Modifications.

Are you unsure what all of these mean and how to access these options?

Save the hassle of researching all of this yourself by participating in a Housing Options workshop. The Housing Hub team runs workshops on these housing options for you. Topics include:

  • How to support your customers to understand their housing options: a practical approach to discussing options with people with disability. This is for Disability Support Organisation Workers. 1.5 hrs
  • Housing Options for people with disability explained: a deep dive into each option, eligibility and processes to find housing. 1.5 hrs
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation explained: a clear explanation of the detail of SDA - what it is, who is eligible, how to find it. 1 hour

Attend our sessions to learn about housing options to support your customers to consider their best housing outcomes. All sessions are provided at no cost.

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Choice & Control

An important principle of the NDIS is that people with disability have choice and control over

  • where they live
  • with who they live
  • what sort of home they live in

This means people with disability have choice over the supports they receive. So if a person moves house, they can take their preferred support workers or organisations with them into their new home.

Meet Brendon

Brendon moved in 2021 and was able to take his support with him to his new SDA home.

As a NDIS participant its within my rights to choose my individualised support. It leaves my family with peace of mind knowing that I will be safe and secure in my new living environment with support workers I know and feel safe with. So, I chose to take my supports with me to my new SDA which was the best financial option for me and my support workers.

Learn more about supporting people with disability to choose and manage their supports through one of our workshops.

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