Liz Believe Better is Possible – video transcript


Liz - I Believe Better is Possible

Video transcription


In my previous living arrangement, I didn't feel like a person anymore. It was an existence, it wasn't a life. It didn't feel like a home, it felt like an institution. I had no choice and control, and there was no flexibility of support. For someone like me, I couldn't get up early for work or I couldn't go out late at night. It was uncomfortable and invasive.

The new living arrangements make me feel very happy, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and just sheer relief and happiness. I know the feeling of happiness can be quite an abstract. You can feel quite elated every time you walk through the door. I get to choose when and whom comes into my home, and what activities I do and 'til what time I do them.

I want to try and get out and break free from the mould that you're expected to sit in. I am now a Lived Experience Facilitator within the Housing Hub. I feel I've finally made it to my calling. Helping people with their lives and making a difference, to whatever part of their housing journey that they're on.

My name is Liz and I believe better is possible.

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