Shanais living independently in an SDA apartment – video transcript


Shanais living independently in an SDA apartment

Video transcript


Shanais: S

Amazon Alexa: A

S: I'm Shanais. I'm 25 years old and I'm originally from rural New South Wales. But I now live independently in an accessible apartment in Melbourne.

I love my apartment because it's in the perfect spot. It's right near work. it's right near the train station so I can go into the city and meet up with friends when I want to. I can go to local shops.

For me as well I love that it's so close to local parks and especially local dog parks. So I can take my dog, Mika, to the park before and after work into the local area.

And even though I'm in the city living where I live it doesn't feel like I'm right in the city. But it's still so close to everything.


S: Alexa, turn on living.

A: Okay.


S: It's really good. It's amazing. This is what independence is for me. Yeah, it's exciting. I love it.


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