How to create a housing seeker profile – video transcript


How to create a housing seeker profile

Video transcript

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In this video, we will learn how to create a Housing Seeker profile after you have signed up to the Housing Hub. We will start on the home page of the Housing Hub. In the top toolbar, select login. This is in the far right of the toolbar. Enter your email and password from the signup process. This will take you to your profile page. You can now see how close you are to completing your profile. Under the suggested properties tab, you will see a tick box saying, let me know when properties are added that match my profile on the Housing Hub. We recommend that you select this box. Scroll down. You will see there are four categories, personal details, current living arrangements, NDIS Plan and Supports and new home preferences. You will also notice on this page, a phone number to contact our team, if you would like to talk about your housing needs. An Eligibility Checker to check whether you might be eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation, and an email for technical support. To start your profile, click the Add button beside personal details.

This page asks you about your name, contact details, who we might contact if we want to talk to you. But it is best for us to talk to somebody else. Your age, gender, health condition, mobility, how many hours of support you need each day, how long you can be on your own and what day to day tasks you need support with. These details are optional. But the more you tell us, the better the Housing Hub will be able to match you to a suitable house. When you have finished this page, click next. The next page looks at how you are currently living. This includes questions about where and how you are living, as well as how happy you are living there. It asks you why you want to move house and when you would like to move. When you have completed this page, click next.

The next page looks at your NDIS Plan and Supports. This includes questions about whether you are an NDIS participant, whether you have a housing goal in your plan and questions about SDA funding, if you have it in your plan. At the bottom of this page, we ask you whether you have a support coordinator. If you have a support coordinator, you are able to add their email in here. If you want to, you can give consent for your nominated support coordinator to view and edit your housing hub profile information.

When you have completed this page, click next. You will now be told that your Housing Hub profile is complete. However, now is the moment to tell us about your new home preferences. What would your ideal home look like? Here, you can tell us if you are looking to buy or rent and how, who and where you want to live. You are able to indicate your preference of four property features such as a ceiling hoist, animated doors or fire sprinklers. You can also indicate outdoor features and additional features that you might require, such as the need for a pet friendly property. You have not completed your profile. Press view profile. Please note, you are able to adjust your preferences and download your profile at any time.