How to change your Housing Seeker profile password – video transcript


How to change your Housing Seeker profile password

Video transcript

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If you set up your Housing Hub profile with one of our team members, it is important that you log into the Housing Hub and change your password so that only you know what it is.

You will need the password you used to set up this profile.

This will have been emailed to you by our Housing Hub team member. When you are ready to change your password, bring up the Housing Hub page by typing into your search bar.

This will bring you to the home page of the Housing Hub. Once here, find the Login button in the top toolbar.

This is the last button on the right. Once you press this, enter the email address and the password that you were emailed. Once you are logged in, find the person icon in the top toolbar.

Press this and click on Settings.

Beside the password, there will be an option to change, press this. Enter your new password and click Update.

The pop up will let you know that you have successfully updated your credentials.