How to adjust your Housing Seeker profile – video transcript


How adjust your Housing Seeker profile

Video transcript

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We understand that your situation and preferences may change. Once you have completed your Housing Hub profile, you are able to log in and change your profile at any time. To log into the Housing Hub, open your internet browser and enter into your search bar. This will bring you to the home page of the Housing Hub. Once here, click login. This can be found in the top right corner, enter your email and password and click continue. Once you are on this page, you will need to scroll down. You will see that there are four main categories in which your information is arranged. Personal details, current living arrangements, NDIS plan and supports and new home preferences. Let's use an example of a person changing their current living arrangements to demonstrate how you would change your profile. To do this, click add next to current living arrangements. Since filling this out, the person may have moved to Victoria, be renting a home from a private landlord and be unsatisfied with their current housing. As you can see, by clicking on the dropdown boxes beside these options, you are able to select the correct ones. If this is all you wish to change, click, save and close. If you want to continue to edit more of your profile, select next, and you will move to the next category. You are able to update your profile at any time. The Housing Hub will automatically modify its search to reflect your new preferences. If you want the Housing Hub to let you know when properties that match your profile are added, please ensure that this button is checked.