Housing Options Workshop – Rapid Interim Housing Prototype Walk Through Tour


Housing Options Workshop – Rapid Interim Housing Prototype walk through tour

Video transcript

Speaker 1

The Summer Foundation has prototyped a temporary accessible housing option for people who might otherwise end up stuck in hospital, or admitted into aged care, after acquiring a disability. It features ramp access to a wide front door and a generous amount of circulation space throughout.

The kitchen features adjustable-height benches, open cabinets under the cooktop and sink, and automated overhead cupboards that can be brought down to bench height. A few taps on a portable device, or even your voice, can be used to control appliances.

Speaker 2

Alexa, turn on the kettle.



Speaker 2

And the blinds.

Speaker 2

Alexa, open all blinds.



The unit has been thoughtfully designed to maximise inclusion, with a slide-away wall between the bedroom and living area, a bedroom that's big enough for a second bed, for a partner or a child, and a TV that can be enjoyed from the lounge or bedroom. An H-track hoist means you can transfer anywhere in the bedroom and a reinforced ceiling in the bathroom allows for a second or continuous hoist system, depending on your needs.

The unit features storage in every room, with a swing-out hanging rail in the bedroom for easier access. The bathroom has a European laundry nook, motion-activated lighting, and a thermostatic mixer in the shower, to avoid scalds.

The vanity is open for wheelchair access, and reinforced walls throughout the entire unit mean that grab rails can be installed wherever they're needed.

Smart, inclusive technology isn't confined to the kitchen. Lights, heating and cooling, the intercom at the front door, and the entertainment system, are also only a voice command away.

This prototype is brought to you by the Summer Foundation, Oscar Building and Stretchy Tech.

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