Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 7 summary video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 7 summary

Video transcript

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SDA eligibility

Eligibility for SDA funding from the NDIS is outlined in the SDA rules. There are two ways to describe who may be eligible for SDA. SDA is for people who have an extreme functional impairment and need SDA specific housing and or for people who have very high support needs and need specific SDA housing.

What does extreme functional impairment or very high support needs mean? These are the terms that the NDIS uses all the time when talking about SDA housing eligibility. Extreme functional impairment means that even with home modifications and assistive technology, you still need person to person support with basic daily activities.

Very high support needs means that you need many hours of person to person support every day. And you are in one of these situations. Your informal supports, like your parents or friends and family, can't meet your support needs anymore. You've spent a long time living in a group home or aged care. You sometimes act in ways that put yourself, others or property at risk. As well as having extreme functional impairment or very high support needs, you really need to live in SDA housing. This means that you wouldn't be safe, comfortable, and happy in mainstream housing or non-SDA disability group homes.

Now you have finished the chapters on SDA, you can do the section of the housing seeker profile called NDIS plans and supports. If you don't have SDA funding in your plan, you can leave most of this section empty. In this part of the housing profile, you can also invite your support coordinator, planner or someone else to help you with your search for a new home. If you would like to use this feature, fill in the part about do you have a support coordinator and your support coordinator's email address. Remember that you can update your Housing Hub profile at any time if your NDIS plans or support change.

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