Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 5 summary video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 5 summary

Video transcript

Speaker 1

Specialist Disability Accommodation.

In this chapter, we talk about Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA. SDA is housing that has been specially designed or modified for people who have an extreme functional impairment or very high support needs who are unable to leave in mainstream housing. Around 6% of NDIS participants, about 28,000 people, will be eligible for SDA. SDA is being built by not-for-profit, community, and private housing providers. You can search for SDA housing on our website, The Housing Hub.

Housing and support are now separate under the NDIS. SDA is about the building, not the support services. SDA is also the name of the funding in an NDIS plan. The NDIS pays SDA funding straight to registered SDA housing providers. SDA funding is for the ongoing management, maintenance, and lifecycle planning of the property. Once the NDIS decides you are eligible for SDA, this will be an ongoing payment and will not need to be reassessed unless your needs or preferences change. In this chapter, Liz and Jono share their own SDA journeys.

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