Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 3 summary video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 3 summary

Video transcript

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Different places you could live

In this chapter, we will talk about the different building types you could live in, and the features you would like to have in your home. Each building type has its own pros and cons. We know there are many building types to think about. We will talk about the main ones in this summary.

Just before we start, you'll notice we use the word property. This is a general word for all types of buildings. Apartments are self-contained properties that are part of a larger residential building. Apartments are generally more common in bigger cities. Townhouses, villas, or duplexes are properties attached to another. These properties are often located in built up areas, close to amenities. Amenities means shops, doctors, public transport, et cetera. Houses will have more room for personal belongings and the largest outdoor spaces, so you can do hobbies like gardening. Houses will often be located in suburban areas, further away from city centres. Group homes are where groups of people with disabilities live together and share some supports. You will have your own bedroom and chores can be shared between all the residents. It can be difficult to get time on your own, and it will be important to make sure you get along with the other residents in the home.

You will also want to think about the features of your new home. These may be features that help you easily move around your home, such as wide spaces, height adjusted bench tops, and good visibility. You may also wish to have general property features like heating and cooling, a dishwasher, and built-in wardrobes.

This chapter is linked to activity four, called what sort of home would you like to live in, and activity five, what do you need in your home? These activities will help you think about the type of home you would like to live in, and what you need in your home. Take some time to complete these now.

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