Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 12 video transcript


Housing Options Workshop – Chapter 12

Video transcript


How we can help

Hello. My name is Lydia, and I am part of The Housing Hub team at the Summer Foundation. The Housing Hub believes that better is possible for people with disability. We offer a number of free services to help you on your housing journey. As you have worked through these chapters, we asked you to create the first part of your housing seeker profile. Now you know all about the available options, you can finish the final part. This is called new home preferences. After you save this, your profile will be 100% complete. The Housing Hub can start searching for houses that may be suitable for you. You can choose for The Housing Hub to automatically send you email alerts, when these come up. You are able to choose how often you would like to receive these notifications.

If you haven't made your housing seeker profile, yet, we recommend that you take 10 minutes to do this now. To make a profile, open housinghub.org.au, and click the sign up button in the top, right corner. Spend 10 minutes answering the questions. These tell us who you are and what you want in your dream home. You are able to tag your support coordinator into the profile, so they will also receive alerts to any housing matches. If you need help, call our team on 1300-61-64-63. We understand that your needs and preferences may change at any time. You can change your profile at any time. If you want more information on how to fill out a profile, you will see a link to a video of this at the end of the chapter.

The Housing Hub has a library of resources to support people with disability to find accessible housing. We have talked about these tools throughout the workshop. There are plenty more listed in our resources section that you may find useful. We understand that disability housing is complex. Each individual will have their own story and situation. If you have any questions, call us. Our team of housing options facilitators answer our advice line. We can discuss any stage of your housing journey with you. The number is 1300-61-64-63.

You can now register for one of our question and answer sessions by clicking on the button below. These sessions are a great opportunity to speak to one of our NDIS housing options facilitators about your next steps. Thank you for participating in our digital workshop. We hope that you have picked up lots of useful information about NDIS housing options. Get in contact with our team, if you need help. We wish you the best of luck with your ongoing housing journey. And we'd love to hear from you.

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