Crisis Housing for People with Disability

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Do you have a property that may be suitable for a person with disability to use while their home is repaired or rebuilt? You can list it here on the Housing Hub. 

Listing your property is a 2-step process:

1. First, sign up as a housing provider.

Once you sign up as a housing provider, our team will review your details and email you login details so you can list your property.

2. List your property (or properties)

Listing your properties is easy and completely free! Through the process, you will be asked for details about what accessible features your property has, where are the nearest amenities are and for some pictures of the property. 

Once your property listing is live, people will reach out to you directly. You will either get a phone call or be notified through Housing Hub that someone has made an enquiry. You can follow up with them directly. 

The address of your property will not be made public, but people will be able to see the suburb the property is in. Once they have made an enquiry and you are comfortable letting them know your property’s address, you can coordinate the next steps. 

Important note:

If you haven’t had any experience with the NDIS, some of the wording on the housing provider sign-up page may be unfamiliar to you. “Short Term Accommodation (STA)” has a specific meaning under the NDIS, so please don’t choose that option for the home you are offering to flood-affected people. 

See the image below…

Need some help?

If you need assistance with the process, contact us at You can also call our NDIS Housing Advice Line on 1300 61 64 63 on Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm in NSW, or 9am to 2pm in QLD.

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